Mentally attempting to control our own behavior can be a hindrance to our daily responsibilities and tasks. This is not to say that we don’t try to change a bad behavior or habit but sometimes we simply lose sight of it; other issues take precedence. Hypnosis is a holistic tool to use; the rules are simple, easy to follow and you can perform a session at your convenience. It is important to use self hypnosis techniques that you can use and your mind will respond to.

When thinking of hypnosis, there are certain images that come to mind; one’s you may have seen on television or in the movies. These scenes are made for your enjoyment; they are not how hypnosis really works or how it should work. Hypnosis is a therapeutic and meditative process that you can benefit from.

As indicated there are several different methods or techniques that can be used to coerce the subconscious or inner voice; to make certain changes or modifications of information and how it understand and uses it. Some techniques are simpler than others, for this article, we will discuss the traditional self hypnosis techniques.

With the traditional sessions scripts, or suggestions, are directed to the subconscious mind while the subject is in a very relaxed state. The subconscious mind is that inner voice that talks to you, that guides you when you are not actually thinking about the task at hand. The inner voice is what argues with you when you trying to decide if taking the left is better than taking the right.

Self hypnosis techniques are similar to those a hypnotist would follow when rendering a traditional hypnosis session. There are three key objectives that must be included within your hypnosis session. These three features are relaxation, scripts and the last is visualization (which occurs from using appropriate scripts).

A hypnotist will have everything prepared for your session and will guide you through the hypnosis therapy. When you use self hypnosis techniques, you must ensure that you are prepared beforehand (with scripts) and are ready without interruptions to begin and complete a hypnotic session. You will need to relax your body, to be able to state and repeat the suggestive scripts and to conclude your session (unless it’s for sleep hypnosis and you have already fallen asleep).

You will need to talk to your body and tell it to relax, don’t forget to breathe. You need to relax from head to toe and your mind should be empty and prepared to listen to the scripts. Once relaxed, you can then begin stating your scripts. A session may vary somewhat in time depending upon how long it takes for you to get into the necessary state of relaxation, to form your suggestions and visualize your goal.

When you are composing your scripts, the scripts should be in the present tense; as if you have already achieved your goal. The scripts should also include the word “I”; keep in mind if you record your scripts to hear at a later time, instead of using “I”, use the word “you” because you will be listening rather than stating it. The scripts should also be descriptive and directive. You should be able to visualize your progression towards your goal and to see that the goal has been achieved.

Self hypnosis techniques will vary from person to person as each one of us is different and we learn differently. Find the right technique for you and your will soon be achieving your goal(s).

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