His real name is Michael Allen Jones but he goes simply by Mike Jones. Mike is an African American rapper. He was born on November 18, 1981 in Texas, US. African Americans are especially good rappers and Mike is no exception. The fact that Mike wrote songs about strippers, gained him popularity for pondering over that neglected part of society. His talents are self- evident and he is very highly regarded among his fans as well as his critics.

You don’t always get what you hope for. Mike’s early life is an embodiment of the phrase. He wanted to become a basketball player along with a rapper. Not any random player but he wanted to play for National Basketball Association. He worked for it and he was pretty good at it too. He could have achieved his target but fate and circumstances got in the way. During his school, he had to be transferred many times from place to place. The rules relating to his condition forced him to play in YMCA leagues only. He dropped out of school and had to work at fast food restaurants to make ends meet. He often credits his grandmother, who motivated him to pursue rap and don’t give up on his dreams. He also got inspiration to use his real name from her.

Mike continued working on music along with several small ventures. His break came in 2004, when he released his single “Still Tippin”. This song won him highly deserved national recognition. He then released another blockbuster song “Back Then” who was placed at number 22 on the billboard. The real fame Mike got from his album “Who is Mike Jones?”, released in 2005. This was placed at number 3 and won him platinum certification by RIAA. Many artists use some signature for their personal identity. Mike chose “Mike Jones, who?” as his catchphrase which became his source of recognition. Along with repetition in his songs, Mike used to handout T- shirts with his phone number printed on the back. These two stunts proved to be his personal trademarks.

Mike Jones Net- Worth

Mike Jones net- worth stands at about $7 million. He made it mostly of his music career which now spans over two decades. But that’s not all. His net- worth also includes shares from his acting and ventures his took as an entrepreneur, though without much success. After his initial recognition he also took a minor role in TV series Prison Break. But his acting career couldn’t take off and he focused on music.

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