Android has become the most popular and powerful operation system for today’s gadget. Among other operation systems such as iOS, symbian and Blackberry OS, this operation system has proven itself to be the operation system for all people with the best seller title throughout the world. Many technological frontier manufacturers use this operation system for their latest gadget. Android has become its best with the release of tablet. Tablet has become popular gadget across the world with its interactivity and function as business tool and entertainment media. Android tablet has flooded the market with hundreds of brand and design. Everybody give a positive impression first when they hear a tablet using Android. The battle of being the best is not only between operation systems. A number of tablets are also competing in being the Android tablet. When it comes in choosing Best Android Tablet, there are some considerations you should pay attention to.

The first thing you should consider is its function. Will you use it for business tool, entertainment media or a communication device? It will determine which Android tablet suit for you. When you want to have a good entertainment media, the specification of the best Android tablet should meet the requirement to provide you the power of playing music, games, videos and other fun application. Sure, Android has made processing unit for the computer to be lighter but high spec Android tablet has significant differences with low spec one. You should also find the tablet with the latest Android installed or at least can be upgraded to the latest update. Design and size are also important considerations in choosing Android Tablet. There are people that like to carry around this tablet to show how up-to-date they are to technology. There are others who like to hide it from other with the fear of the tablet pick pocketed because of its stand out looking. Those are may be some of the consideration about the design and size of the tablet. However, it is mostly because of the mobility and compactness.

Android tablet also makes a good mobile internet device. Many people like to browse the web with android tablet. Good android tablet has a good battery life. Although you use it for heavy browsing continuously, most of the best Android tablet can still run over 8 hours. If you need a good entertainment media, you need a lot of space to store your movies, music, videos, picture and games. Android tablet comes in two options in its networking mode. Most of the models come with Wi-Fi only. So, you can just connect to the internet when there are Wi-Fi networks around. If you need to get connected everywhere, you can choose the model using cellular service. It will cost you more money than the other model of course. But the browsing experience using Android table will be unmatched. If you are still not sure about choosing the best Android tablet, you can still look for review on the web. There are thousands of them. Look for both user and expert review to give you more picture about them.

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