Before we come to our main topic, let me tell you a little about my blog, GodnotGuns. It’s a general bog which is created to cover a vast range of topics like tech, gadgets, business, health and much more. As it has a very wide range of material, we accept posts but under some guidelines and criteria. If you follow our given instructions you will be welcomed here as a writer.

What we need in your Post:

  • Adequate length: At least 500 words please!
  • Reference Links: If you have used references in your article, it is necessary that you mention their links.
  • A short bio at the end: Just 1-3 sentences about who you are, what you do, and/or what you’re passionate about. Feel free to include links to your business website, LinkedIn profile, or social media handles.
  • Image: THIS IS A BIG ONE! All posts include one image early in the introduction, and then one per every 200-300 words (not mandatory). This helps us to get your post published more quickly. The images don’t have to be original (although those are great) or earth-shattering.


  • Restricted items include Adult Content, Pharma, Gambling, Casino content and their links.
  • We do not publish reviews or advertised articles.
  • The content should be well written and not plagiarised.
  • Your queries and inputs are carefully noted.
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